The Openair Frauenfeld appeals to a very young, urban target group that is reached by addressing them properly. The festival wanted to break new ground with its communication and set itself apart from typical visual design. 

The Day After is the antithesis in international event communication. A progressive approach to promoting the largest urban music festival in the world. The Openair Frauenfeld gave director Chris Hanselmann the confidence to surprise the target group with an avant-garde short film. A different kind of event documentary where fiction meets non-fiction. A concert goer is at its center who, on the morning after the festival, wakes up in a room unfamiliar to him with a blackout concerning the night’s events. Bit by bit, memories start shooting through the bewildered protagonist’s mind, slowly but surely revealing how he got into this predicament. Everything indicates that the headliners of the festival themselves are involved. The open end deliberately leaves the viewer with narrative questions. This is because The Day After is not a one-off, but the birth of a fictional character whose story will continue in the Openair Frauenfeld’s communication strategy.



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